About FEC

Who we are.

Flourish Educational Consultants facilitates the acceptance of qualified International Students from different countries into Canadian educational institutions. We are an educational consultancy firm located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and affiliated with Flourish Consultants, Nigeria.

We assist international students in securing admissions in their areas of career and choice of university. Other services includes: pre and post landing guidance.

We are affiliated to many High schools, colleges and Universities throughout Canada to meet the diverse needs of all our clients. These educational institutions offer, grade level programs, university transfer, technical courses, professional upgrading, degrees and post-graduate programs.

Why we are here.

With so many universities and colleges in Canada and such a diverse climate and geography, it is often difficult for a students to choose the ideal location, school and program for their studies. We can assist to make the best choice for our clients.

It is our responsibility to provide a focus for students with solutions that match their interests, goals and capabilities, make them realise themselves based on principles which are accepted worldwide to focus their career paths to make their lives successful.

Prospective students can be assured that no matter their level of education, there is an accredited institution in Canada that meets their academic goals. Our offices are available throughout the year to support our students and provide the services necessary for their success.

Message from the Principal Consultant.

In today’s world, education is an important and powerful tool for those who want to have a fulfilling future. A quality education provides the necessary knowledge,  skills and values that allows a person to be both a high-income earner as well as being an understanding,  compassionate human being. For these reasons and much more,  prospective students and caring parents are in search for a reliable consulting firm providing such outstanding services.

Flourish Educational Consultants provides unique counseling for different categories of clients and parents to get the best educational institutions in Canada to achieve best offer. We are proud in providing advice on career programs and their prospects that will suit the aspiration of individuals. Admissions are provided throughout the year for all categories of students.

Get hold of this opportunity today and take your next step towards success!

Samson Jimaza

B.Sc. M.Sc.

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